Achieving Environmentally Sustainable Tourism

The tourism industry must take a leading role in protecting and enhancing the environment on which it depends, for the benefit of future generations.

Industry Goals 7 & 8

Tourism is recognised for its contribution to protecting, restoring and enhancing New Zealand’s natural environment and biodiversity.


7 Tourism businesses actively support and champion ecological restoration initiatives.

8 Tourism businesses are measuring, managing and minimising their environmental footprint.

Business Commitments

The Environmental Commitments suggest practical actions that tourism businesses can do to benefit the environment: ecological restoration, reducing carbon use, minimising waste and educating others on the importance of New Zealand’s natural environment.

11 Ecological Restoration: Businesses contribute to ecological restoration initiatives.

12 Carbon Reduction: Businesses have carbon reduction programmes towards carbon neutrality.

13 Waste Management: Businesses have waste reduction and management programmes.

14 Education: Businesses actively engage with their visitors and communities on the importance of restoring, protecting and enhancing New Zealand’s natural environment.

How To

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