Commitment 12

eliminating waste

This Commitment is about taking responsibility for the entire life cycle of the products and services we use and ultimately eliminating the waste associated with these.

To develop your sustainability plan go through the actions for each commitment, figure out where you need to start, and make a plan!

Actions to get started:

Start by understanding the waste generated by your business, and then put measures in place to avoid or reduce it.

 ✓ Undertake an audit of your solid waste to determine what you can eliminate or reduce.

Make a plan to monitor and control the water you use to avoid waste.


Identify any other harmful waste that your business generates and minimise harm to the environment by replacing/reducing/eliminating toxic substances.

 ✓ Make a plan for your organic waste. 

Adopt a no-single-use policy and publicise this.


Ensure your suppliers are aware of your sustainable purchasing policy.

Actions for doing more:

Once you have the basics sorted, put a plan in place to reduce or completely eliminate waste, and consider how you can collaborate with others (suppliers, industry, council or other networks) to drive change.

 ✓ Develop a solid waste management and minimisation plan, with goals to track progress.
 ✓ Incorporate the life cycle of products into all your purchasing decisions.
 ✓ Become a zero waste business.
 ✓ Have a circular business model.


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