The Rees Hotel Queenstown 'milks' sustainability initiative

The Rees Hotel Queenstown has upheld their staunch commitment to the environment by launching a new sustainability initiative to reduce plastic waste.

The Hotel is proud to announce that their milk will now be supplied by Windy Ridge Farm in reusable and recyclable glass bottles, which will save over 13,000 plastic bottles from going to landfill each year.

The Rees Hotel tracked how many 300ml and 2L plastic bottles they bought from April 2019 to March 2020 and discovered that they had used over 13,000 plastic bottles in just one year.

With 1.76 billion plastic containers sent to landfill by New Zealanders each year, The Rees Hotel is proud to again be an industry leader, dedicated to substantially reducing their plastic waste with this one valuable new, local partnership. Mark Rose, CEO and general manager of The Rees Hotel said, “We are proud to demonstrate that our commitment to sustainability across all our operations continues even in the toughest of times for our industry.

"Saving 13,000 plastic bottles from landfill per year is an enormous achievement and we are thrilled to be able to undertake this with our like-minded partner, local milk supplier Windy Ridge Farm. We will continue to strive to make a difference for ongoing sustainability with new initiatives through partnerships with environmentally-conscious businesses like our own,” Mr Rose continued.

Based in the heart of the Clutha District on New Zealand’s South Island, Windy Ridge Farm, owned and operated by Andrew Moir and his sons Ezra and Seth,  has been supplying local stores with pasteurised, full cream milk in reusable bottles since early 2017. When customers return their empty glass bottle to local stores, they are given a full bottle of milk for half the price.

Mr Moir said, “Windy Ridge Farm is excited to continue their commitment to sustainability by supplying milk in reusable bottles to The Rees Hotel. It is wonderful to partner with a hospitality leader of the calibre of The Rees. Windy Ridge Farm will collect and clean the milk bottles so that they can be reused, which, together with the volume of milk purchased by The Rees annually, will reduce substantial amounts of plastic waste each year.”