Sustainable transport

reduce reliance on fossil fuels

Thinking about your business travel and the way you and your team travel to and from work can have a significant impact on your carbon footprint. It can also generate cost savings. You should consider whether trips are necessary, the most efficient way to travel, and how you can offset any unavoidable travel.

If vehicles are part of your business, consider driver education, your servicing programme, the fuel efficiency, and whether electric vehicles are an option for you now or in the future.

The NZ Transport Agency has developed a range of guidelines and resources to make business trips and work travel more efficient.


Helpful Resources

NZTA travel planning toolkit

The NZTA travel planning toolkit  provides guidelines and resources to make business trips and staff travel to and from work more efficient.

Installing a charging station

Advice on installing a charging station at your business

Go electric 

Reduce the running costs of your business vehicles and cut your carbon emissions from transport by 80%. Find out more about EVs in fleets, and use the total cost of ownership tool at EECA Business. 

EV charging

Ways to charge an electric vehicle and charging facilities in New Zealand.

Transitioning to EVs

A how-to guide for businesses considering transitioning to electric vehicles.


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